Who Am I Visually?

Lizzie green sweater


The Simple Type

I am a very simple-styled person. I am drawn to simple designs and shy away from loud or busy ones.

Lois and Clark
Lois and Clark art, Metropolis, Illinois.





I color block. I’m Lois Lane here. I’m even Clark Kent with his pure red tie. I like things clean.




A Visual Representation of Myself

On the first day of the class I am writing this post for, Visual Rhetoric and Document Design, my classmates and I were instructed to create a logo for ourselves that represent us and our passions.

personal logo sketches

logo 2







My ideal result would be much simpler, however, I wanted to incorporate three passions that are very strong in my life. I came to this sketch within a time restraint and after many alternate attempts (as pictured to the left).

Keep in mind three things, if you would. 1) This design was as the first activity on the first day of a design class. 2) I made this graphic with a program not optimal for graphic design purposes because of what is available to me. 3) I do not strongly identify as an artist.

logo 2.jpg

The colors in my logo are the simplest. My favorite colors are dark shades of purple and teal.

The circle that surrounds the ‘L’ is reminiscent of a copy-write symbol, with which I associate uniqueness. It surrounds the ‘L’ that stands for my most used nickname, Lizzie. Interestingly, while debating between ‘E’ and ‘L’, I found my favor pulling towards my nickname instead of my given name, which I take as an insight of identifying more as Lizzie than as Elizabeth.]

The bottom of the ‘L’turns into a plane, incorporating my passion for travel.

Though the grey squiggles may seem to be water waves, they are purposed to be words/lines of writing for my passion for writing.

The four blue ovals in the logo are arranged to be the toe pads of a paw because animals are a third love of my life.


Lessons and Reminders

Without any of these three aspects in my life, I could not imaging being fully happy. Along with the enjoyment I get from experiencing my passions, I learn from them too. More than that even, they serve to This heart of mineremind me of ways I can enrich how I live.

From traveling, I learn about different people and cultures and how our world is connected. It reminds me to be accepting and to savor some differences.

From writing, I learn to express myself and to use a safe, creative outlet for any feelings I may be experiencing instead of letting them bubble over in inappropriate areas or times. I am reminded of my humanity and to be open, so that others can know the truest me.

From animals, I learn to focus on the bright spots of life. I am reminded to see the good in everyone and to love without bounds.

Greatest Fear

we all dieFrom greatest loves to greatest fears, the thing I find myself the most afraid of is nothing that creeps or crawls in the night. It’s actually just being forgotten.

All my life I have been told that I’m going to do big things. And I will. But there is always the fear of failure. For me, my name disappearing for good after a couple of younger generations have gone is what I cannot bear to let happen.

I need to make a legacy to leave behind. Publication is one small step to alleviating my fear. Another way is by making successful businesses to continue. One of my biggest goals is shown in this picture to the left.


…The goal in life isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will.


[There is more of an introduction to my ambitions in the ‘the meaning behind the title’ tab on this blog.]


3 thoughts on “Who Am I Visually?

Add yours

  1. Wow, Lizzie. This post is profoundly honest. Love your vulnerability in being this forthcoming. (And I loved your logo–maybe it’s just the technology.)


  2. Lizzie, this is awesome! I love how thought out and detailed this blog is. I love the story behind it and your writing style. You did a really great job of connecting your posts with your title and it was amazing. The setup of this is really great too! Everything is clean and simple, and looks very professional. The placement of the pictures worked really well also. I can’t say enough good things.
    As for your “greatest fear”, I think that is something all of us who hope to be writers deal with. We want to create things that affect others and hopefully stick with them over time. That’s the dream anyway. I have no doubt you can make that happen! Great job! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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