First GIMP Run

CRAP Workshop Project

This is the first project I have created with GIMP. I am anxious to get to know the program better so I am able to understand all of the features and design possibilities. I had a couple more characteristics I envisioned for this flyer, but was unable to carry them out without more time to play around and learn.

What I originally drafted turned out to be a bit different than what GIMP first saw, and further revisions changed it more, but for the better. After getting the main idea of what I wanted to include, thinking about each element of CRAP – contrast, repetition, alignment – and proximity, brought better changes to what I had.

Contrast: I started the first draft of this project with a yellowy beige-ish background (excuse my lack of shade jargon) and olive green text. Since I was looking to bring in contrast, I paired the blue and purple instead. Later on, the added white helped to make certain elements stand out more. Other contrast used are with font types and the vertical lines of “Workshop” and the acronym of CRAP text perpendicular to other horizontal text. The words “dress up” are the sole recipients of one font type in an attempt to draw attention to the phrase and be fancier, as in being dressed up itself.

Repetition: The repetition used here is in text color and fonts, though neither of the elements are completely uniform. The white text was incorporated to tie the image into the whole of the flyer.

Alignment Screenshot


Alignment: The movable lines could possibly be the best feature of this program. My world changed after I discovered it. I tried to make strong lines here, although I know that because of the perpendicular lines they may not be very straightforward. I did not want everything flush with the same line. I put “Workshop” very precisely not right against the “s” of “429’s” because I wanted it to encourage the eyes to move from that point down and over to the information in the bottom right corner.

Proximity: I feel like I had enough space to work with, so not everything is squished together, although I was concerned about the information on the left not being together enough to achieve the right amount of proximity. At the same time, with what I was getting at the end of the previous section, I did not want to alienate the specific event information.

Overall this project turned out much better than I expected at first, and I am excited for each new project to turn out the same way.


3 thoughts on “First GIMP Run

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  1. I really like all of the colors you used; they pair so well with one another. I also like the fancy font for “dress up” because it shows exactly what you mean by the phrase. The alignment is very unique as well. The movable lines are too cool!


  2. Your flyer looks great! I like how you played around with different fonts and alignment. I feel like you maximized the space you had to work with, and made you flyer clean but creative. Well done!

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  3. Yes, I agree with these ladies. Great job and just learning GIMP! I also found your use of proximity and alignment to be powerful here. Your color explanation had me thinking that you will really love/benefit from our discussion next week about combining colors. I wondered about your choice to put the time and day on different lines. When I looked at that, my eye wanted them together to create more parallel structures in that event info that you have in proximity in the lower right hand corner


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