UpWork Freelancing

As “Before my Takeoff” is purposed to be a professional blog, I will share that I have recently started freelancing via the UpWork platform.

Better collaboration on UpWork
Fulltime Nomad. “How to Create an UpWork Profile That Gets You Clients, FAST.” 21 Nov. 2015. http://www.fulltimenomad.com/how-to-create-upwork-profile/.

Here, I offer my services of editing, proofreading, beta reading, critiquing, writing, and various administrative functions, such as transcription and data entry.

UpWork is a third-party service that connects freelancers to clients and clients to freelancers. Clients set up jobs, prices/rates, requirements, deadlines, etc. are negotiated and contracted, and the freelancer gets to work on the project. When freelancers are paid, UpWork takes a cut. Both freelancers and clients receive ratings from the other.

I plan to dedicate free time to growing my reputation on UpWork as a hard-working, professional, and successful freelancer.


You can find my UpWork freelancing profile here:



"Real pros, real fast."
Brown, Haden. “Upwork Roadmap Preview: Better Collaboration.” UpWork. 5 May 2015. https://www.upwork.com/blog/2015/05/upwork-roadmap-better-collaboration/.

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