Human Resources Newsletter Personal Image

One day towards the end of January, my work mentor mentioned that our shared supervisor was wanting her to create a newsletter to go out to Aviation employees from the Human Resources Department. What she also mentioned was that she didn’t have the appropriate amount of time to start it, so I greedily adopted the project under her direction. I saw this as an exciting opportunity to use my passion for writing to represent Aviation HR, the organizational function I love being a part of.

So, I began brainstorming with Maria, and out of nowhere in particular, a fitting image came to me: an ‘H’ and an ‘R’ crossed by an airplane’s wings.

I sketched it out a few times, willing the roughly drawn images to take the form in my head. I gave it better shape digitized and actually didn’t expect it to go anywhere – I just wanted to see what it would look like, but Maria loved it, and our supervisor loved it too, even before it turned out as the final image below. This only came about after much editing, a few coworkers subjected to look and answer the question “What do you see,” and more and more tweaking.

Graphic design of the letters 'H' and 'R' with a plane's body making part of the 'H' and the wings crossing both letters
Personal Image for Aviation’s HR Newsletter

It made it in the newsletter though! I was going to send my sketch off to one of the professional yet cheap graphic designers on Fiverr to make it come alive, but I’m proud of how it turned out without that kind of help. I have never claimed to be amazing at graphic design, but it’s not bad for a dabbler (especially given what not-graphic-design-approved-software I used).

My design was received well and got to make its debut on a page of a much bigger project I am extremely proud of creating. I am satisfied with the result of this vision.

[Image watermarked to prevent unauthorized use by third parties.]

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