Age is Just a Number! – Design & Leadership Projects

The advertising images included in this post are the result of a design project for a document design class used for a group project in a business leadership class. It was a great line up to serve two purposes with one product! The pictures document our event. The event itself was purposed to give students real life... Continue Reading →

UpWork Freelancing

As "Before my Takeoff" is purposed to be a professional blog, I will share that I have recently started freelancing via the UpWork platform. Here, I offer my services of editing, proofreading, beta reading, critiquing, writing, and various administrative functions, such as transcription and data entry. UpWork is a third-party service that connects freelancers to clients... Continue Reading →

The Static Illusion of Dynamic

Like Scott McCloud says, as a medium where one sense is responsible for conveying all of the senses, comics rely on comics to open the world past just the visual. But even the sense of sight is limited through panels on paper, because motion is something not able to be frozen in time. Yet comics... Continue Reading →

Identification and Involvement

One concept of comic art introduced by Scott McCloud in his clever book Understanding Comics is that more abstract images invite the reader to extend himself into a story. Whereas a detailed portrayal of a human is more uniquely someone else, simplistic drawings don't have features that are exclusive, and therefore are welcoming to anyone. This is called... Continue Reading →

Photography Dilemmas: Big and Small

There are great ethical debates over photography, especially over photographers who document tragic events or events that are about to become tragic instead of acting as help. In an essay written almost 40 years ago, Susan Sontag notes, “How plausible it has become, in situations where the photographer has the choice between a photograph and... Continue Reading →

Mega Bash 2.0 Design

This past weekend was Mega Bash Concert 2.0, a musical and visual event consisting of campus groups Heart of Fire, AcaFelons, Gospel Choir, and Joyful Hands (which I am a part of). Before the event, I offered to design an advertisement to be displayed as a slide on TV screens around campus. The woman I... Continue Reading →

A Mock Up Using Moqups

I am not much of a freehand artist - I can only produce art with words or structured materials, so I have never been one for sketching the layout of a visual project. This past summer while back at home, I kept encouraging my father to change the design of the website for his new... Continue Reading →

Work in the Details

What do I take for granted everyday? Access to heat, air conditioning, electricity, water, shelter, food, medicine, clean clothes,  typography. Well, not anymore. There is so much work in the details. I was working on a design today, and my coworker, Jacob, happens to have a natural eye for design (we both found that out today),... Continue Reading →

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