the meaning behind the title

All my life I have been dreaming. For less time than that I have been a realist, as in adopting [:the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly]. So, when my personality toughened enough to throw away the classic dream of becoming a princess, I made new dreams – more realistic dreams. They morphed and warped to be what I chase today, and I am excited about those dreams because I know I can make them come true with focus and hard work, among many other strong characteristics and skills.

I am now through college, yet it seems to me like it took forever. The whole time I was in there, I wanted to get out and to live with a nice job, a nice boy, and a couple of nice pets to cuddle. See, I grew up in an office. I’d make my way around bubble-wrapped desk corners, and after I learned to walk and talk, I got a desk of my own with an inoperable phone I would pick up and answer at each ring of a real one. Work has always been a home for me. It is a comfort.

In July 2017 I began a full-time position with the City of Charlotte’s Aviation Department as the Civil Rights Specialist with Charlotte-Douglas International Airport’s Legal & Regulatory Team. In this role I focus my efforts on civil rights matters that come through our business diversity program and federal grant regulations.

I am going into the business world for my career but won’t let my passion for writing lie dormant.  Being published is one dream that never died, and March of 2016 brought one foot in the door with publication in After the Pause Literary Magazine, and in May 2017, I won the J. Calvin Koonts Poetry Award from Gardner-Webb University along with publication in its literary magazine, Broad River Review. I am excited to be in good places with each of my dreams and am dedicated to giving appropriate time and effort to bring each to fruit.

Within the digitized walls of this portfolio, you will find a collection of items I proudly wish to display, from essays and poems to training certifications. This will grow as I grow, gaining various experiences and skills to morph myself and abilities and further myself on my life path. As a note, due to personal conservation priorities, the majority of my creative work is not present and will not be present on this site unless first published or written with no intention of future publication.

There is a quote by Arthur C. Clarke that will always be displayed on my wall. Although I do not know much about the man behind the name, I know his words are wise and serve as a guide for my future.

Very little that is worthwhile is ever achieved without dreams. But to be fruitful, dreams must be controlled by reason and founded on reality.

At last, the founding theme behind this professional blog is my adherence to realistic dreams and my efficacy of making them become more than dreams. Picture a plane taxiing down the runway before it takes to the air. That is me right now.

[takeoff: the moment when an airplane, helicopter, etc., leaves the ground and begins to fly]

I am working towards my takeoff.

-Elizabeth Erhartic
[Header Image: “Airplane Taxiing.” Winter Corporation.]

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